Friday, March 20, 2009

A Gift of Love 044

Recently my mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. This was a shock to us all, but at the same time, we all knew what was going on with her was not normal and we knew the prognosis wouldn't be good. However, since her diagnosis, she has been doing so well and is so much better than she has been in a long time, we are grateful to have something to fight!

My mother has touched many lives in her years of teaching and doing cotillion and the outpouring of support and love has been nothing short of amazing. On one of my trips by to see her after school, she had this Mason jar full of daffodils sitting on the breakfast table. They were so simple and beautiful, the perfect symbol of the person she is and the life she has lead, simple beauty and elegance. They were a gift of the Crosby family. Dr. Kay had come by with her daughters Mollie, Ellie and Maggie, for a visit and brought the flowers to her. The visit meant so much to her, and the gift of the flowers was so telling of what great people the Crosby's are and why they are so connected to my mother and my mother to them.

In a moment of unpreparedness, I snapped a picture of the flowers in the window with my Blackberry and attempted to paint them a day or so ago... I wasn't thrilled with the final result, but the are beautiful to me in their abstractedness and what the represent... who knows, I will probably work on it and give it more definition after it is dry. This would be a first for me since I do not revist a piece after completion.


  1. Wow..really nicely said...your mother is one of the true "angels among us" of the sweetest people I know. I think the painting is perfect. You and your sisters are a beautiful tribute to your mother...I mean, we all know your dad couldn't have raised such great kids..right??

  2. You are right about that! sometimes I think I may have spent too much time with the old man and not enough with mom... or at least that's my excuse...

  3. Your dad's just a great target...he's OK in my book.

  4. Oh, don't touch it! It is fresh and joyful as is. If anything, just start a new one. This one is perfect.
    Bossy, for a first visit, huh? :-)
    Like your work.