Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sprayberry's Bar-B-Que 051

Another week with only one daily painting and one monster painting... this one. However, I am going to Savannah with a group of students and I hope to get a couple of plein air marsh paintings done!

This sign was a must for me. Sprayberry's is an important part of my past was well as most other Newnanites. It is the place we go when we have out of town company, when Dad and I discuss work, when I need lunch for school, after all funerals, after some weddings and everytime we get a craving for great bar-b-que. Their bar-b-que is amazing, but their hamburgers are among the best I have ever had, strawberry cobbler is drool worthy, onion rings, milk shakes, even a pinapple sandwhich... amazing. Needless to say, Sprayberry's in an institution. Dad also was responsible for the logo. So many connections to this place...

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