Sunday, March 22, 2009

Small Stand, Marketing, and Plein Aire: a Day in Gay 046, 047, 048

What a greta day today! I got an early start today and accomplihed a great deal. I completed 3 pieces, but started 4. I hope to finish a 30"x40" painting of the infamous "Sorry Charlie" sign from Savannah.

I started the day painting a version of my logo for the Cotton Pickin' Fair. It will sit on an easel in front of my tent and hopefully bring people in. I am a huge fan of graphic design and a firm believer in branding. This logo/signature i use is a culmination of hundreds of hours of doodling and years of trial and error. It is too complex for the smaller pieces, but perfect for the larger ones. It appears on my letterhead, business card, website and every painting. Influences are many, from Albrecht Durer to Chinese caligraphy to Francoise Gilot.

After painting the logo, the leftover paint was the perfect palette I was searching for yesterday when I painted the other stand of pines piece, so I used the leftover to paint for this smaller version, a 6"x6". It is a small beauty. One of my favorites. As of now, the greens in this series greatly out number the color schemes with 5 pieces.

After cleaning some Bass David Pendergrast brought to us, I loaded up the Cruisre and Mo' and headed out on the property. The field painting was frustrating, I think I have painted these 3 cedars anough! But I love them and keep coming back at diferent times of the day or from different angles. This piece really got away from me, and I hated to end the day like that. But it got me to really think about the things that didn't work the way I hoped they would.

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