Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sorry Charlie's 048 SOLD

Sunday's are sacred to me... and that usually involves a NASCAR race and/ or Formula 1. I also try to balance a painting in there as well. Today, I decided since I was going to be chained to the indoors watching the Bristol race, why not tackle a big one! And I did, and it wore me out... and so did the race. I should really consider sitting down, but I enjoy the energy you can put into a pianting while standing. I actually drew the painting out weeks ago and a started putting paint on it yesterday intending to complete it. However, the pull to paint outdoors was greater. I know now that my techinque only works when painting directly, or alla prime... no 2 day paintings for me... Anyhow, I love this painting and even though it wore me out, it was worth it.

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