Tuesday, July 12, 2011

10 Day Intensive with Scott Christensen... thus far

oil on RayMar, 8"x10"
It has been a long and glorious 5 days, it has been exhausting but I am sorry that it is almost half over! Day 1 was an overview, introduction and brief painting day.

I met several of the gals I paint with here and met fellow DailyPainter Julie Davis as well, not to mention a few others whose names currently escape me.

I painted solo away from the others so I could really concentrate on what I was going to do... which I had thought long and hard about for several days. I figured I would stick to my guns, use my split primary palette and do my thing... harder to do than I thought.

We met at 2 for crit and he picked mine to work on... good or bad... don't really care. I have a painting that Scott worked on. He used 2 from the 30 person class to work on. He doesn't really roam around while you work because there are so many people, but Bart Walker does... and he is pretty darn good himself.

If you would like to see other photos from our trip (we drove from atlanta to victor, idaho) you can view my open Facebook album here.

Here is the piece I did that he "touched up" for me. He did some work in the ground plane, simplified the clouds a bit, cooled of the mountain side and added some cows.... seriously.


  1. So envious of you being there! Keep up the good reporting...I am feeling a little better after reading your posts! I also know Julie (online only) as an art friend and am looking forward to her views of the workshop. Great work!

  2. Sorry I didn't keep up with the posts in a more timely manner, but I am about to catch you all up!