Saturday, July 23, 2011

Christensen Day 5-7

View of the Titons from TargeeCanyon

These days were pretty much a blur for me, had a cold/ hayfever and took every Zicam nasal gel and throat spray I could get my hands on. Not to mention a steady dose Benadryl and Advil. 

There was a rain day in there somewhere where we watched Scott produce more amaZing paintings and several demos. I could NEVER grow tired of watching him paint or listen to him talk about painting. It is a beautiful thing. Day 6 found us in the Targee Canyon in Wyoming. It was absolutely beautiful. Wildflowers, rushing rivers, blowing grass, blood sucking flies. Living and painting outdoors in Georgia has taught me one thing... always wear long pants and long sleeves... these things served me well, though I was warm, and had sinus issues.

I continued my "study" theory and painted several small pieces on one board and finished the day up with a larger 11"x12" piece done from one of the studies.

Scott gave me some instruction, noticing that I tend to repeat things and that I need more variety. It was nice to have something to focus on.
My rendition based on a smaller study, 11"x12", oil on RayMar panel

Targee Canyon study, 2"x4", oil on RayMar panel

Up the Path, Targee Canyon, 2.5"x5", oil on RayMar panel
Here is a link to my Facebook photo album, feel free to check out more of the photos I was not able to post here.

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