Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 3

Demo Day!

We got to watch Scott paint a large demo. I would love to show you the images, but we have promised not to publish for obvious reasons. The first was a Carmel coastal done over what looked like a Georgia field painting that didn't work for him. Nothing to it, some big rocks, tons of water and foam, lots of depth, childs play.Very impressive to watch considering that he did not erase the image underneath before he got started.

He did let the students mix paint, so my Georgia gals were asked to be the first. I do have a picture of that!

Watching Scott paint is like noting I have ever seen. He only uses references for color and they are his field studies. Sometimes he has a picture, but he hardly looks at them. He is a MASTER designer and composer. You can see him thinking about every stroke if you watch carefully enough, he squints down every few minutes and is always watching his progress in the mirror. Every stroke is well thought out a deliberate, but you would never know. He makes it look so easy. Unreal...

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