Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 10

Recap day, question day... or for me, stare dumbly at the wall and try to make cohearant sentences. Not so much from the antihistamines and the Zicam overdose, but from the sheer amount of information and the brisk pace at which we worked. It was FANTASTIC!

I had one question, but he answered before I could ask. What to do now?? He suggested all types of studies... water, trees, clouds, etc. Get the small pieces before you put them together to make a piece. As far as the big picture, compose, compose, compose. Do 10 minute compositional studies everyday, not just putting in the time, but really working it out, making the eye move around the canvas.

This was truly the experience of a lifetime. Going to this workshop has been a dream since my first oil workshop with Millie Gosch in 2007 when she showed me Scott's work. I had high expectations which we met, for sure. So much so, I signed up for the Advanced session next summer.

Rick and Kathy Jamison who run the show up there. Rick is a VERY talented singer/songwriter with a bluegrass influence and Kathy is a magnificent write. She write their blog, Flow, which is excellent if I may say so myself.

Kathy, The Man... Scott Christensen, and Rick

The Gang. Feel like I have been to battle with some of these guys. Made some great friends and even brought a few from my Georgia painting group. Also ran into fellow dailypainters.com friends there, Julie Davis and Melanie Nogawski.


  1. David, thanks for the kind words. It's the unique blend of artists who show up that really make the experience fun for us, and this group really rocked!

  2. "unique" is the right word! what an experience, my head still swims. great show, guys!