Thursday, May 28, 2009

After Pissaro 081

This is the piece that started it all for me. In another lifetime, I started painting in the attic of my old house. It was hot as hell up there and I could only paint at night. I started by copying my favorite artists. I did several Picasso pieces and a Georgia O'Keefe. I thought I had it figured out... I could paint anything! I was a fool, of course.

When the Heritage Auction rolled around, I donated a copy of any famous painting. Val Cranford bought it and requested that I painted her favorite Pissaro pieces. No problem, I am on it. Well, it was much harder than I thought. I struggled with technique, color, etc. My first attempts were passably decent, but that wasn't good enough. I kept this piece and in every subsiquent studio I have ever worked in, it hung on the wall as a reminder that you never know anything you think you know. I painted sporadically throughout the years and got real serious about it in 2002. I sold pieces word of mouth until late 2006 when I sold everything I had painted at the Artwalk in Newnan and also picked up my first gallery and my first solo show in late 2007. And now, here I am...

After reading everything I could find about the Impressionists and studying books by Edgar Payne, Robert Henri, and John Carlson as well as a Millie Gosch workshop, I have been avidly painting plein air and from reference photos. I took my nemesis off the wall and banged it out this morning. It is a great feeling, and I know Val will be glad to get her book and he painting!

For the record. I work much more timely that a 10 year average turn around!

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  1. GREAT STORY!! AND I LOVE IT..great to see you...hope we can all get together and paint soon