Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sister Piece, Gift of Love

I don't do pieces more than once, that would be very un-artful... however, in this case, I created a sister piece to an earlier post called Gift of Love. You may need to look at the previous post to get the back story on this piece. Long story short, Mollie, on of my students, wanted to give her mother a painting based on the painting I did for my mother, based on the flowers they brought her. Her mother, Kay, and my mother are kindred spirits. I woke this Mother's Day at 7:00am, and couldn't get back to sleep. All I could think about was doing this painting for Dr. Kay. I love to paint in the morning, it's like meditation. The house was quiet, I didn't even make coffee. I literally rolled out of bed and into the studio. I put on a little music and poured it out. I was very pleased with the outcome and mom was so happy thet she and Kay would have such a special Mother's day gift. The Crosby's have been very good to us, and they have always supportd me in my artistic endeavors. This is the 2nd Boyd, Jr piece they have.

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