Thursday, May 28, 2009

Barn, Luthersville Road 080

I was on my way home yesterday and I passed some of my painter friends on the side of the road, Dana Johnson and Elsa Sibley. They were painting this beautiful old farmhouse on the way to Luthersville. It was great to see them and talk about getting together to paint. It also got my juices flowing to do some small landscapes. I couldn't get out yesterday because it was dark by the time I settled in, but I had taken some pictures on my way home that I could work on. Dana and Elsa are amazing plein air painters, I love their work and I am excited about being able to paint with them later this summer when I don't have to work everyday! I have a link to Dana's blog on my blog and Elsa's work can be seen at Flint Gallery and Huff Harrington Gallery. You can see Dana's work at Flint Gallery and The Dogwood Gallery.

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