Monday, May 4, 2009

Limes on Orange & Fuji Apple 062 & 063

I participated in the Cotton Pickin' Fair in Gay, GA where I live. I knew at the very least, if I didn't sell anything, I could at least get a piece or 2 done. Happily, I was too busy talking with people coming in to look at my stuff. I will write more about the fair in my next post. I took a bunch of pictures of the booth and the work each morning before the onslaught of the day!

I was hapy with both of the pieces. I signed the apple upside down for some reason. I like the piece, but the colors cam out strange and the shadow isn't quite the way I want, but what can I expect after not painting for 5 days. This piece is also covered with dust and pollen from the fair, I love it!

I am pleased with this one, more than the other. However, as usual, the drawing leaves a bit to be desired. I am really out of practices. If drawing is weak, so will be the painting. Luckily, this piece has great colors and a sparkle, not to mention a couple of bugs and some dirt.

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