Thursday, May 21, 2009

Half on Blue 076

I have started a new series of paintings based on my smaller daily work. This piece is the first installment of the initial 6 pieces. I hope to have these up at the Flint Gallery in Newnan by the beginning of summer.

I love the smaller pieces I have done as daily paintings, but I LOVE small subjects done larger than life. I am looking at this painting as I type, and I am going to pick it to pieces.

The composition is OK, nothing earth shattering here. What I love about the smaller pieces is the way the break down when I use the palette knife, and I just ain't gettin' it here. I am using the same knife on this 24"x24" that I use on 8"x8" and I am getting more of a pixelated look than a breakdown or explosion of the form. At this point, I don't know if I like it or not. This piece was done from a smaller study and not from life, and I felt myself wishing I had the subject in front of me, I may try that in my next piece as well as a latger knife, however, I want these pieces be similar, I don't know how much straying I will be doing!

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