Friday, July 3, 2009


I am taking the day off today, I have traveled to Tennessee to visit Jules' family and then go to Memphis, TN to visit friends with a new baby, I have my painting gear with me, but I elected to play golf at the Tennessean today. Beautiful, hilly course. I highly recommend if you are ever in the Paris, TN area. I hope to post new paintings soon, but I ain't in my schedule this weekend!! I Hope you all have a happy and safe 4th, and for crying out load, stay away from fireworks if you have been drinking! You know who you are....

By the way, this painting sells for $640, I will be willing to part with it for the age of our country this 4th... $233. In case you don't know when when you see one, this is a deal. I'll throw in the gold frame it is in for another $30... Happy 4th!!

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  1. Is this painting still for sale? Thank you