Monday, July 27, 2009

Mineral Pluff, 116 sold

I did this piece for my good friend Jeff to mark his half century mark. He chose the subject matter which happened to be this train station in the little village where he and his wife, Donna, just bought a mountain house near Blue Ridge, Georgia. This piece went off without too much fuss. I usually curse a lot and throw a few tantrums while working on pieces this large, but not this one, although it was exhausting. The finished product was much different than I had in my minds eye. I didn't do my knife technique on this one for a few different reasons, one, the brush work actually looked too good to destroy and the paint wasn't thick enough to manipulate. Either way, I am very pleased with this and I hope Jeff and Donna will love it as much as I do and hang it with pride in their new home away from home. Happy 50th, Me Jeff...


  1. I am sure they will love it. Glad to hear someone else gets frustrated as they paint too. (I can only curse under my breath though - If my 4 year old starts cursing my husband will know where he heard it.)

  2. There is something about train tracks that I really love. This is a beautiful painting!

  3. Charming piece, David! I really like the simplicity of the composition and the lonely feel of the deserted tracks and station.