Wednesday, July 1, 2009

North Field, 105

The past few weeks I have felt very lack luster about my skills and the work I have been putting out... so today I treated myself to the Old Dave landscape-style landscape and it felt pretty damn good. I guess when you play around with new stuff, i.e. colors, brushes, styles, etc. you will flounder, and I have been floundering a bit with a few good pieces here and there with some not-so-good stuff thrown in. It felt pretty good to do my old thing and have it come out exactly the way I wanted it to, or is that just because I am so used to the materials that I knew what it would look like before I started... makes you wonder. It also make me wonder about the "formula" we all settle into as artists and have to break through every now and again. Regardless, I love the end result...


  1. Beautiful piece, and that cloud is divine! I've been following you for about a week now but haven't had much of a chance to comment.

    I like maintaining a few points of comfort as an artist with familiar subjects, but experimentation helps keep art interesting. A good balance between both usually helps keep me grounded.

  2. i love your work! i started following you after you were following me... strangeness.

    i love clouds, but they baffle me, at some point this summer i am going to go out an paint clouds all day... they may the the most challenging pieces in a landscape, at least to me. they are so illusive and strangely colorful. not to mention the fact that the constantly move!!

    thanks and again, i LOVE your work!