Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Behind the Scenes, 126

My sunflowers continue to flourish in the garden, but as the grow and expand, they wilt towards the ground and aren't quite as beautiful as they were when they stood tall. Interesting, but not beautiful. This piece looked great in my head, too. Darker, warm blue in the background with warm yellow petals... the end left me dissatisfied, even after some knife work, so I took a tissue and dabbed it and popped at it... I guess that was my way of hitting it out of anger!


  1. Hi David,
    I work with impasto paint as well and wanted to get your thoughts on varnishing. Do you varnish your finished pieces?

  2. I love your brushwork and color combinations.

  3. thanks, guys! i do appreciate your kind words!

    tammy, i do varnish my finished pieces after the appropriate drying time... i wait a bit longer than the recommended 6 months and sometimes i use retouch until then... i figure someday, some one may have to give them a good scrub down and i want them to have that added bit of protection...