Saturday, August 29, 2009

Savannah Compliments, 130

With school starting, I have had trouble getting into the rhythm of painting. As I ease back into a full time work schedule, it will be easier, I have done it before! To make up for my sloth, I overcompensated with a really big painting. I have really been missing painting large. I have found that since joining DailyPainters, I have been hyper focused on the smaller pieces, building inventory for the Cotton Pickin' Fair hasn't helped either. I used to pump out a couple of large pieces a week, now it is 5-6 smaller ones. I guess that is ok now that I think about it. In this economy, buyers for larger pieces are few and far between. The smaller works move just fine. Anyhow, this piece was based on a photo I took last time I was in Savannah, I did a smaller study that I put on DailyPainters and it was the least succesful piece I have ever put up. I was blown away. So much for my theory that DP is a great place to get feedback for what I should do larger, I hope this one blows it out of the water...


  1. well this is it!!!