Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunflower, 123 sold

When we planted our garden, I planted a few rows of Skyscraper sunflowers. The grew like crazy, this is the first time I have planted them and they did not become food for the local deer. They are so tall and beautiful, next year I may try to plant a whole field of them. This was just a quick study I did to get a feel for the colors, this was done with the palette of death.


  1. Beautiful brushwork David, this painting is so fresh and energetic....Bravo!

  2. hehe, I'm scrolling through trying to find more about "palette of death"... this looks pretty lively to me! I'm enjoying painting sunflowers lately too...JUST LOVE summer!!! and enjoying your paintings! Glad you're a part of DP, too!

  3. thank you, linda! love those adjectives especially when they are pointed my way!

    palette of death is down there somewhere, beginning of the summer... it is expensive and brand specific, but i am growing to love it!!!
    rembrandt permanent red and cobalt blue, windsor and newton lemon yellow + white... enjoy!