Thursday, August 6, 2009

Weiss Liquors, Nashville 122

I took several reference pictures of this great Googie Art sign in Nashville a couple of weeks ago. The whole of the complex must have been Googie, but it was in a very shady part of town and I didn't take enough time to notice the structure, which is secondary to me anyway. I wanted to get a night pic but because the store still functions as a liquor store, the local winos were congregated en mass around the base of the sign. Since I am not a Street Photographer, I elected to wait until the following morning. That evening we saw or friends, The Wrights with Alex McCullough open for Chris Isaak at the Rhyman, what a great show by both groups. We met Adam and Alex the next morning for coffee and I thought it would be a great time to get the sign pictures without too much interference... I was wrong. Being a reformed scotch man, I forgot that sometimes, you are thirsty all day if you know what I mean. These guys sure were. The store was every bit as busy at 9:00am as they were at 9:00pm. Anyway, not letting that get in my way, I snapped a few reference pictures from which a did this little study. This will become a larger painting and part of my Goggie Art sign Series.


  1. interesting subject David! .. but you ALWAYS have great character in your paintings.

  2. thanks, margot!! i'll miss you guys later this fall, but i may duck in every now and again to say hello!