Friday, August 14, 2009

Horseshoe park, Toccoa River, 127 SOLD

On or last trip to Blue Ridge to vist the Stuarts, we tubed down the Toccoa River. We started in Horseshoe Park in McKaysville and floated down a mile or so until we were pulled out. Horseshoe Park was beautiful, every time we went something cool was happening. A guy was fly fishing one day, a guys was swimming his black lab, these 2 boys caught a rainbow trout with their bare hands... I call them the Accidental Noodlers, and they have bluegrass there every Friday night. I snapped dozens of pictures of the beautiful spot and used one as reference for this piece...I intend to use thais as a study for a larger painting further down the road.


  1. Great weather for tubing. From the painting, it looks like the perfect idyllic scene.
    Big "hi" to Jeff and Donna from their former neighbor. :o) Hope you can keep up those daily paintings now that school's back in.

  2. hey, we are leaving for blueridge tomorrow and some rafting....hopefully i can paint...this is very nice,it looks like it is vibrating! do you do that?... thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog..and the ballerina was painted from a photo i took at monday night drawing