Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nest with leaves and Sky, 128 SOLD

This summer I made a decision to stay away from school at all costs, this was the summer of painting... I owed it to myself, my students and to my administrators to come back, inspired and ready to teach. The best way for me to do that was to not go there, and I didn't until about 2 weeks ago, and I must say I was right. I am excited about this year, my classes, the school and the mass of work I collected this summer.

These past few week I have not had much desire to paint, which is probably very normal after painting most every day, sometimes 2-3 pieces a day, to have some downtime. I think I have settled into school, even though we are only 2 days into it, but it has started and all is well.

I still feel no creative pull to do anything, so I took some hints from people in my life.... one word has been popping up: nests. So, I guess I will paint nests. The Cotton Pickin' Fair is coming up the first weekend in October and I want to sell!!! Problem: I have no nests, but the internet does, so thanks to all of you who have inspired these studies. Any of you that do have any reference materials, preferably an real nests you would be willing to let me borrow, I would appreciate it! I mush prefer to paint these smaller pieces from life, rather than pictures.

This was done with the "Palette of Death" which I have grown to love. The paint is expensive but worth every penny. I need to become more comfortable with before the workshop with gene Costanza in October... I will also be doing a workshop with Jill Steenhuis in early October.


  1. Nice're almost painting life forms!

  2. that would be quite a departure from these aliens i have been painting lately, and quite frankly, no one will take crystals as payment for anything... thanks! means a lot coming from you!

  3. This is just gorgeous with those blues and texture. I don't even want to take my eyes off of it.

  4. wonderful nest....I love your!