Monday, October 26, 2009

Big and Tall, 156 SOLD

This one really worked out, as far as the masses are concerned. This was painted from a view down the power line, I was downhill, eye level with the grasses. It was beautiful, I loved the shape of the skyline. Very pleased with mass of the large oak on the left of this piece.

In the workshop, we worked with the Vasari brand neutrals, adding one of the 3 primaries to the mixtures in order to create these tonalist landscapes. Vasari's are hand made and hand tubed by a guy named Scott. He uses his eye to mix the colors, no gas spectrometer here. Their paints are used by Gene and Scott and the neutrals are actually mixed to Scott's specifications. They are tremendously expensive, running around $25 per 40ml tube but they are worth every hard earned penny.

I got rained on while finishing this piece. The cool thing about painting in oil in the rain.... you can do it until it rains too hard. Oil are oils and water is water. I love plein air painting and today was a tribute to that. It is especially satisfying in conditions that are less than favorable.

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