Friday, October 23, 2009

Gosch Trail 2, 154

This was the last of the pieces I did on the first day of the workshop. I introduced some cobalt blue light to the mix to shake things up. The foreground is a little cool, but other than that, I was pleased with the outcome. I have enjoyed this palette very much and plan on doing much more with it. I am very excited about using the Vasari oil for the next few days. The grays are amazing, and I am afraid that at $25 a 40ml tube, I may never use another paint. I am also seriously considering stepping up to lenin mounted on birch. I will have to crunch the numbers, after all, and increase in the cost of material comes through on the retail end, but, quality is quality.

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  1. hey david!...all of these from workshop are great!!!...elsa has been telling me about the colors.. it sounds fascinating and i can't wait to try it out...sounds like yall had a great workshop