Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Zorn Palette

On day one of the workshop, we worked with the Zorn palette, which consists of yellow ochre, cadmium red medium, black and white. In the last image of the day I added cobalt blue light for a twist. It was great, I may spend a whole month working on my values with this palette. It was fantastic and so fun to use.

The first day focused on mastering the value planes, the basis of teaching by John Carlson. If you paint landscapes and have never read John Carlson... you need to. I have his guide to landscape painting and have read in twice since I got it this summer. Basically stated, Carlson says that if you can master the 4 value planes, you can do pretty much anything else to the piece and it will still read and a landscape. The lightest plane is the sky, the second lightest is the ground, followed by the slants (hills and mountains) and the darkest being the uprights (trees or buildings in shadow).

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