Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gene Costanza Workshop

I have been very bad about posting the last week. I have been trying to ready myself for a 5 day workshop with Gene Costanza, who is one amazing landscape painter and friend to Scott Christensen, another amazing landscape painter. To me, these guys are the titan of American landscape painting and are both avid plein air painters.

Teaching full time as well as drawing 3 editorial cartoons a week, being a daily painter and being partially responsible for an art auction fund raiser for my school in a month, it makes it difficult to get away. Sadly, the next thing that went after my daily mountain bike ride, was my painting. Sad but true, but in my defense, it was the last thing to go! I know that I will more than make up for the time lost in these 5 days.

Above are pictures from day 2, I did not get my camera out yesterday, I was too busy painting. Those images will be posted later. We spent the day in Moreland, GA painting at Mr. Chestnut's farm and, up the road a bit, the Thompson farm.

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