Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pear with Stem and Leaf 151

Julie and her Mom picked pears before we left Paris, TN this weekend. When I got home, she showed me that they had left the leaves on some of them because they thought it would make an interesting painting... and that it did. This is another one of those paintings that took on a life of its own, without a title, you would never know what it is. Maybe I will return to my ambiguous titles like Kandinsky, and call them compositions... Composition VI, etc. I was very pleased with the abstract quality of this piece as well as the texture of the brushwork and knifework.


  1. I agree, you captured some beautiful texture in this one.

  2. I love the grey, texture and movement in this one. Your paintings have given me something new to look forward to every day. If I could, I would be buying one every day. Thanks. KB