Thursday, June 25, 2009

Compliments, Savannah 100

It just now dawned on me as I typed the title of this post that this is my 100th daily painting, seems like a miles stone, or at least it should be. As I look back from this painting to the very first daily painting, there has been significant growth... thank goodness.

The last time I was in Savannah, I was there for a conference on creativity. Needless to say, even though I was enthralled by the workshops, every chance I got, I escaped to the streets of Savannah (one of my favorite cities on the face on the planet) to take pictures of some of my favorite haunts. I wandered the streets of in uncannily 70 degree February weather rattling off photos in the great sunlight. This particular painting was inspired by a pictures of a house on Jones Street that was being restored, I loved the orange and the blue of the doors and even more, the cast shadows of the architectural details.

This is a color study for a 30"x40" painting I plan on doing of these doors.

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