Monday, June 15, 2009

Field Study 090

Tomorrow is painting class so I wanted to make sure that I had a t least practiced with our new colors a bit. I have discussed in previous posting the palette I used and the one we are experimenting with now... This piece is done from one of Millie's photos we used last March when we did our first workshop.

At the moment I am grappling with the colors and the brush and I am shying away from my usual techniques. This field study is small, I feel good about the colors and values, the brushwork is still lame and my trees still look like cookie cutter trees with holes poked in them. I really need to work on creating form and volume... I smell some serious tree studies in my future. My edges don't quite seem to work well either, there are a couple of places where they are passable, but that's about it!


  1. Hi David, Your colors and values are good. And I see your style coming through in the trees and with some hard work I bet you'll come up with something as equally fantastic as your fruit paintings. You're good at thinking outside the box.

  2. thanks, christine! starting to get better with the new colors, feeling good about things!!