Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jekyll Inlet, 098

Another addition to the painting class arsenal of paintings. We did marshes again today and I worked from a photo that I took in Jekyll earlier this summer. The brushwork has become second nature and I don't notice it giving me as much trouble as it did. I hope to get comfortable enough in a bit to inject the palette knife into the mix. The palette is easier to manage as well, however it would be a lot easier to use if I wasn't so cheap. My blue is cheap and my red is expensive and I chased the red all morning... thus the reason there is so much red violet. Happy enough with the end result here. I did get some larger canvas today, so I am a bit anxious and apprehensive about going landscape large. It has been about 9 months of small studies since my last attempt at a larger landscape canvas, but it is about time to bite the bullet!

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