Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Marsh, Jekyll Island 092

Thought I would give the new palette another whirl today. Practice, practice, practice! I am still not real happy with the trees, but the overall mood and the harmonies of the piece are nice... I am going to try my old palette tomorrow with the same reference and see if I can get what I am looking for. This palette is very hard to get dark, I was warned of the before hand, but there is a great deal I have to learn about painting marshes. These are by far the best I have done.

As of today, I have been accepted to, an online community of daily painters from around the country plus a few. I found their site after Millie Gosch suggest I give it a whirl. After painting almost daily for 6 months now, I have been accepted to their community. I am honred. Some of the best in the business are there. I applied almost a mothe after I started daily painting, whihc was very premature, they suggested keeping a blog for almost a year. I was afraid they had passed me over, so much to my surprise, they sant an email e,ail confirmation tonight. So, welcome to those of you who founf me through dailypainters!


  1. I like the trees, the way you paint gives them movement. Light is glistening through the leaves.

  2. Welcome to Daily Painters! Glad to have you as part of this group!!