Thursday, June 11, 2009

Monday, Jekyll Island Day 2: Marsh and River Study 086 & 087

Today started with a scouting run and a campfire breakfast with musquitos. Nothing better, really. We went to clam beach where I did a study of the marsh there. I struggled iwth this one for a bit but it turned out pretty well. I actually found a different view that I will do later as a larger painting. The colors were ok, and everything seemed to work well. I kept with the traditional brush and tried not to stray to the palette knife, so my brushwork is iffy at best. I also kept my palette very simple: cad yellow light, cad red medium, ultramarine blue, my mud and titanium white. I am trying to travel light but I am still not light enough. I have way too much gear.

The second painting was a quick one, before lunch. The haze was starting to burn off and I love the atmospherec perspective and the bright green off the marsh grasses. I did this one in about 5 minutes, so, not a whole lot going on there!

We ventured back for lunch and the out to Driftwood Beach to paint this beautiful wind swept oak was. The sun was at its peak and I had no umbrella, but I went for it anyway. I am not crazy about the study, but I know a larger painting will be great. Still fighting with the brush over the knife... my edges are screwy.

Driftwood Beach is anything but driftwood. It is on the north western side of the island where the beach has eroded and the maritine forest has been encroached upon by the salt water. It is a beautiful bone yard. I felt like I was playing umongst dinosaur bones. It was beautiful and sad. I love water and live oaks like no other tree. Most of theme are older than our country, now dried up and dead, washed over. Their root balls are amazingly large. The pines however, have such a long tap root, they mostly still stand erect but dead.


  1. ahh - the holy grail of plein air, keeping your load of stuff light! I've almost got it down pat! (each trip is a little easier!) Great paintings & love the knife work, too! Cheers, Roxanne Steed

  2. You have a most unique style. Really beautiful, almost jittery. Def. energetic and lovely color.