Friday, June 19, 2009

Stand of Pines in Yellow and Green Halftones 094

I was getting worried that my new viewer at DailyPainters may be getting the wrong impression about my work. The last 2 pieces and the first they have seen have been learning pieces for me, a new palette and subject matter I have yet to master. I have also been a bit lost in my painting efforts as of late, whihc I attribute to the introduction of the new palette and new techniques. I thought I would get back to business and do a few of my "Zen" pieces, pieces that make me feel comfortable.

I painted roses not that long ago and loved the colors I used, they were all halftone, so I took it upon myself to do the Stand of Pines series in that family of tones. This piece is the first installment. I am very happy with this piece, it has great color, a springy, sunshine feel, very warm. The textures are bold and I love the dabbles of other subtle tones within the piece.


  1. Hi David,

    Welcome to the Daily Painters. I have been reading your blog with interest over the past few days. It looks like you painted this with a palette knife? Or maybe some brushwork, too? I struggle with brushes and although I try to do paintings with brushes, inevitably I'm never happy with them.

    I also read with interest the limited palette you chose for one of the Jeckyll Island marsh pieces. I went way back in your blog and it seemed that Millie Gosch recommended it? You said it was cad yellow lemon, permanent red light and cobalt blue light, so I decided to experiment myself with that combination. I went out and bought the Rembrandt paints, none of which I'd ever used before and Lordy, Lordy did I get frustrated fast! I think I spent over an hour trying to see if I could get a permanent rose out of the combo, since I can't paint without my favorite color! I tried to get the orange out of the red by adding blue, (that didn't work) then I tried making purple to neutralize the yellow in the red, etc. etc. etc. I ended up with piles and piles of mud all about the same color! I love Millie Gosch's work but can't believe she stays exclusively within that palette. If you go to her website and then her plein air archives , she has a painting called "you are a knockout". I can't believe she got those gorgeous rosey pinks from that over-earthy combo!

    Anyhow, I am really enjoying your blog and the thoughts behind the process. Incidently, Jeckyll Island is mosquito paradise this time of year! How did you stand it? Yipes!

  2. I really like the colours you have used here David and the half tones work so well. Also the simple design makes for a great impact.

  3. this piece is a lot of brush and a little palette knife, i have a much easier time with the knife than the brush, I guess i like to do a lot of damage rather than a little!

    i struggle with this palette as well, to an extent she is very brand specific, rembrandt cobalt blue light, rembrandt permanent red medium, windsor newton cad yellow lemon and utrecht titanium white. i took my first workshop from her and we used cad red medium, ultramarine, cad yellow pale and titanium white. i use this plus sap green and my mud. you really do have to chase that other palette around, personally, it is a bit dark for me and i can't get it to pop the way i want it to.

    as far a jekyll and the mosquitos are concerned, ill need to duct tape my pant legs and wrists!! i love to camp, i take a group of students to skidaway and cumberland every year, just not during the summer. i always wear longsleeves and some bug spray or skin so soft, but man! when we got back and the bites settled in, they tore me up above the wrist and ankles, one even got as high as my elbow and i must have trapped one under my shirt on my back!!

    thanks for following and i hope to hear from you again soon!

    thank you too, sheila! this is some imagery i always like to pull out of the bag when i want to play with color schemes...

  4. Hi David,
    The permanent red medium makes much more sense to me than the permanent red light did, which is what I thought you'd mentioned that you used. So that would take the earthy orange out of the color and make it lean more towards a purer red, which could probably go to rose with a little blue added. I must have read your blog wrong. Maybe now I have to go out and buy the permanent red medium and try again. Anyway your sliced fruits are wonderfully fresh looking, and the duct tape at Jeckyll Island was a great idea! We have stayed at the Villas by the Sea resort on the other side of the island and the beach there was very lovely with lots of interesting gnarled trees.

  5. i probably put the wrong thing down if i was pulling from memory... i enjoy the perm red medium but not so much the cobalt light... its just too light. i may try this with ultramarine too. i love your work BTW, i have looked at it several times on DP before being accepted. it is vibrant and alive with color. i have stayed in the jekyll island club before, and that was awesome. you dont even need to leave the compound. however, in these trying times and with a need for adventure and suffering, camping was it!!