Friday, June 26, 2009

Red Boat, Darien 101 SOLD

I painted this image from a photo I took on our last excursion to Jekyll. This was taken on a dock in Darien, GA where the shrimp boats come in. It was one of those photos that sneak up on you. I was so focused on taking pictures of the shrimpers I almost didn't turn around to see this little gem. It sparkled in the sun with all of it's reds, yellows, greens and the reeds swaying in the wind. It looked like a boat they may row out in when they are painting boats, it was splattered with cerulean blue and white. It reminded me of one of my ladders from the house painting days. It was a great capture and I had to paint it. It was too bad we were on our way home and had been sucked dry by all of the mosquitoes, or I would have stayed to paint it on the spot.


  1. love your splashes of red and the movement it
    gives to this piece.

  2. you cant go wrong with a little red and green, it may be my favorite color combination... thank you!