Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tuesday, Day 3 Jekyll Island: Surrender 088 SOLD

We decided to stay for and extra day despite noisy neighbors and barking dogs. I am so glad we did, they all packed up and left and pretty much left the tent section to us and the raccoons. Needless to say, we goofed off in the morning, I reworked my pack situation and really got it down to a more managable, packable size. This was key since we ware haling lunch, chairs, blankets, hammocks and tarps around not to mention my gear.

We went back to Driftwood, where I dared to paint a dead tree. After my tree experience the day before, I was a bit gun shy. The best thing about Driftwood is that you dont need a tent. We took our tarp whihc was our ground cover, some rope, our chairs and my backpacking hammock whihc is amde of parachute material and seats 2. The high was going to be 97 that day, so I bought a rediculous straw hat just in case I had to be in full sun... we set up just right, tied the tarp over somew dead limbs, hung the hammock, set up the chairs and hung out all day.

The tree I painted reminded my of surrender, like it gave all it had, faughht the ocean but never gave up, so far as it never fell down, it just bowed it's head. It was a beautiful majestic tree at some point. I was so pleased with this piece. My brushwork was passable and my color harmonies were just right. I squeezed out 3 tiny squirst of my mud and put my primaries on top of them, thus creating harmony in the secondaries and tertairy colors as well. Painting the ocean water was also a first. very pleased with that piece.

Afterwards, I slept the afternoon away in the hammock in the peace and quiet.

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  1. this is fabulous! it!...I am so jealous of the wonderful trip you had...all of the paintings are very nice... I am going to plan a trip to the water